Deadline for registration: 31 March 2022 


Last year, the United Nations General Assembly approved the resolution to declare the year 2022 to be "The International Year of Glass".  This is a great opportunity for the global glass community to celebrate GLASS - one of the most interesting and important materials in the human history, as well as for the future. To celebrate the International Year of Glass (IYoG) 2022, the Danish Ceramic Society, Aalborg University and Glasindustien are jointly organizing a special symposium at Aalborg University, where many glass people from northern Europe will gather to share their passion for glass and report their progress in glass activities from industrial, scientific, technological, artistic, and historical perspectives. This symposium will be the main event of IYoG Regional Organization 11 (consisting of 9 northern European countries). The invited speakers will present their experiences with glass, their creative works on glass, and their views about the vital role in developing equitable and sustainable society. In addition, all participants will have the opportunity to share their passion for glass at a planned poster session.

The IYoG22 will celebrate the essential role glass has and will continue to have in Society. For more information see: Home | International Year Of Glass 2022 (




Dansk Keramisk selskab

Dansk Keramisk Selskab er et netværk af personer, virksomheder og forskningsinstitutioner, der beskæftiger sig med keramiske materialer og processer. Selskabet beskæftiger sig hovedsagelig med teknisk keramik som f.eks. elektrokeramik, brændselsceller, keramiske superledere og katalysatorer. Formålet er at styrke kommunikationen og samarbejdet mellem dansk industri og forskning.